Jimmybehanfx : The D*A*M killer.

Posted: March 27, 2011 in News
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Irish builder who makes some absolutely nice pedals (Tonebender’s/Fuzz face/Harmonic percolator etc..) and he is open to any “custom build” so ask !

The build construction is perfect (high-end components, NOS transistors/diode..) and you could choose Led colour , Enclosure , Knobs, Vero board/Tag board , Transistors…. and all of that at a perfect price tag

Check his website : http://www.jimmybehanfx.net/

  • Tonebender MK1.5

  • Fuzz Face (2N404A)


  • Buzzaround

And another video demo :


  1. David says:

    et le Tone Bender MK1.5 c’est le mien 😉 Je l’attends avec impatience!

  2. NZ says:

    Hats off to this outstanding passionate builder. Just check out his site and you’ll see why. More guys like him wouldn’t hurt the fx world.

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