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For the past two years, we have been refining the Leveler to meet the demands of musicians around the world. Here’s what we’ve changed:

added gain knob so you can adjust the overall volume level…increasing the volume moves unity gain downward from default level 4…decreasing the volume moves unity gain upward from level 4
changed output capacitor for better bass response…extremely transparent tone!
added true bypass

Distinct & Consistent Volume Levels

Analog-controlled volume pedals are great for crescendo/decrescendo but it is very difficult to hit a consistent volume level somewhere in the middle of the total volume range. Because the LEVELER volume pedal is digitally controlled, precise and consistent volume levels are easy to achieve.

Solo Boost

Tap the up button a couple of times and you have a boost for solo. Then tap the down button a couple of times and you are back to the EXACT volume you were before the solo.

Real-Time Volume Adjustments

I have adjusted the volume of my effect patches over and over again prior to setting up at a gig. However, when I’m on stage, the dynamics of the hall and sound mix are so variable that more often than not my volume levels are off. Sometimes it will even change from song to song. The LEVELER volume pedal allows me to dial in the correct volume on the fly!

Clear Tone At Low Volume

Unlike passive volume knobs like on your guitar, the LEVELER volume pedal incorporates a booster circuit that produces nice clear tone at all volume levels.