Ben Rod Electro Wave Box – Steve Lukather Signature Vibe

Posted: June 27, 2011 in News
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More than just a new pedal, it’s before anything else an exciting story…

We are very proud to announce the WAVE BOX created on demand for… Steve Lukather himself.

The year 2011 blew a wind of change on Steve’s touring gear: he wanted to lighten his rack and assemble in a compact pedalboard the heart of his sound and personality. He and his guitar-tech entrusted to the Benrod staff the daunting task of creating THE vibe pedal that would accompany him on the road.
After a good number of prototypes the WAVE BOX was born and the definitive version is now an integral part of his pedalboard. It goes without saying that this isn’t any small feat…

The WAVE BOX is more than just a simple vibe pedal: it can go from very slow speeds (like a vibe) to very high speeds, like a Tremolo pushed to its limits.

Its personality? The warmth of analog mixed with the undoubtable precision of digital effects. But the whole circuit is analog!

We conjointly developed 2 essential controls: RANGE and ATTACK. The RANGE control defines the width of the WAVE BOX: from very slow Vibe to Tremolos, going all the way to extreme Tremolos verging on ring modulators! The possibilities are endless. The SPEED control fixes a speed within this field. As Steve asked we have made this pot controllable by foot via a rubber coating.
The ATTACK control regulates the hardness of the effect: It can go from a “kill switch” type effect (ON/OFF) to a melted in effect (fade in/fade out.)
The LED on the WAVE BOX flashes depending on the frequency of the effect and allows you to visualize the amount of ATTACK: either it flashes on and off or it fades in and out with a more or less pronounced effect.
We have also integrated a control which is usually lacking on vibe/trem pedals: VOLUME. Whatever the adjustment, from the most standard to the most extreme, you can be sure to have at least the same volume as when the pedal is bypassed.
The DEPTH control adjusts the depth and the intensity of the effect.
We also added a DRY/WET control which allows you to dose between the amount of the WAVE BOX effect and the guitar signal.
The MODE switch is a sort of bonus: It changes the personality of the effect especially on rapid settings. This switch along with the others opens up a large range of surprising, convincing and fun sounds that will occupy and fulfill any guitarist’s needs.

The WAVE BOX is obviously, and like any other Benrod pedal is True Bypass so that the signal of the guitar is totally left untouched.


The rigor and perfectionism of Steve Lukather helped us achieve us this little gem that we are really proud of. It shall accompany Steve on his 2011 tour for his new album “All’s well that ends well” along with the mythical band Toto.

When we said it was something special we weren’t lying…

Technical specs:

  • 1 ‘MODE’ switch
  • Guitar input & Amplifier output
  • True-bypass
  • Mogami wiring
  • 9V battery (included) or power supply BOSS® type


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