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Patchable Guitar/Synth Pedal

Not a bit crusher, it’s a synth emulator

The pedal has six knob controls – Sub, Down 1, Up 1, Filter, Level and Base.


Posted: April 26, 2011 in News
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The push.pull pedal is a synth effect based upon the PLL (Phase Locked Loop) IC, in which the PLL has been “unlocked” and let loose through joysticks, switches, and a pushbutton. It is hard to describe the sounds I have already heard: distorted, glitchy, fuzz, bass synth, drone, full of clicks, 8 bit, and erratic synthetic hyperdrive.

4 Non-Return to Center Joysticks
A green LED pushbutton that “unlocks” the pedal, allowing it to spiral out of control.
4 switches:
Capacitor Envelope (Slow, Slower, Bypass)
High/Low Tone Select
Feedback Select (Audio, Voltage, Bypass)
True Bypass
Painted in Blurple Colorshift and coated in a thick bar top-type epoxy

Low profile aluminum enclosure

It’s an analog synthesizer controlled by a sensofoil ribbon controller

Synthmonger : Micro Fuzz Monger

Posted: April 10, 2011 in News
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A micro version of the pulsemonger!

from this:

to this: