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Thermionic Overdrive

Thermionic Overdrive is a pedal based around a BS170 MOSFET stage, followed by a tonestack, followed by a 5840 submini pentode stage. ‘Warm’ and ‘Hot’ modes selectable on the MOSFET stage. ‘Triode’ and ‘Pentode’ modes selectable on the tube stage. An in-built voltage multiplier feeds the tube some real hot juice!

Many uses for this pedal. Turn the MOSFET stage right down and you have a clean tube boost, using the tonestack to dial in the frequencies you want to boost. Or use the MOSFET stage to drive the tube stage into a warm, saturated overdrive reminiscent of the finest tube amplifiers. Flick over from ‘Warm’ to ‘Hot’ and your really into crunch territory. The ‘Triode/Pentode’ switch adds another level of cool tone options. Thermionic Overdrive has been designed to be powered from a 9 volt regulated (it consumes around 200ma) DC power pack (not supplied) and so can be seamlessly integrated into your pedalboard.


He makes some custom “mini amp” too.

“Obsession” Guitar Amplifier

Wow! A full blown single ended guitar amplifier using standard size 12AU7 and 12AX7 tubes built into an enclosure that’s only 110mm x 60mm x 30mm! An in-built voltage multiplier that delivers 240 volts to the tubes from a 12 volt power pack! Tubes that glow blue when the amp is powered up! Great sounding! A really intricate build!

And some very very nice custom pedals.


La sélection de Cold de, Merci à lui !


Imagine Overdrive

Torch Manufacturing’s : the Vintage Radio Simulator, a lo-fi effect with switchable damaged speaker effect and boost/overdrive feature.

Paul Trombetta Design

Sepukku FX (Distribued by our partner Crush The Button)


Some awesome big muff’s from Stomp Under Foot

Small company with a fantastic looking overdrive pedal

4 pedals from Dvk Tech : The Mrs (boost+comp) , Goldtop (fuzz+vibe), Silvertop (overdrive+vibe), Hairy ball (overdrive+boost)

Spaceman Effects

Our favorite from the moment : some kind of Orange Tube preamp in a box , yes it’s expensive but sounds and looks AMAZING.

Be sure to check the video on the website

Innovating Bit Crusher from Frisco Audio

For our pinup’s fan

Cheap well known clone (Booster , mesa preamp…)