FX GEEK GAZETTE, l’actualité des pédales boutiques.

  • Initiateur & rédacteur en chef : Starfucker Inc.
  • Aspects techniques : Amleth
  1. David Fisher says:


    I’m in the process of finishing out a batch of demo videos for around 60 pedals. I have here links to completed videos that cover 7 of them. 6 pedals from Diamond and a Secret Seasons Electronics Snowdrift. All recorded in HD with high quality audio through our Protools rig, done in a professional studio. Details about the gear used are in the YouTube descriptions.

    If you’d like to post them on your blog to share with your users, that would be awesome. I don’t work for any of these companies or get paid to do this (occasional free/discounted pedals yes, paid no).

    Diamond Pedals:


    There’s many more on the way, including ones from Dunlop, Basic Audio, Celestial Effects, Analogman, and Strymon.


    David Fisher

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