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320 design : Beautiful design !

Tonestack Looper and blender:

For Gilmour’s fans : Erafuzz Civil War, an ultimate MUFF machine!

4 Fairchild 2N5088 Silicon Transistors
4 1N914 Diodes
3PDT Push Button Footswitch / True-Bypass
Neutrik Input/Output Jacks
D/C Power Jack
5 NKK Toggle Switches / M Series – Miniature Toggles / Mechanical Life: 100,000 Operations Minimum, high sound performance
1790NS Aluminum Pedal Enclosure / 5.70” x 4.70” x 1.50”D
Aluminum Preventive Primer
Gloss Hammered Blue Paint
Civil War front vinyl face
Super Gloss Clear Coat
3 Eagle-Plastic-Devices Control Knobs, / Sustain, Tone, and Volume
3 Alpha Potentiometer / Rotational Life: 15,000 cycles
Vishay Sfernice Trimpots / 2 Bias Controls
Alpha Wire – Solid Single Conductor 22 AWG / Jacket Material: PVC, 300V
Belden Shielded Cable – Jacket Material: PVC, Tinned Copper
Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistors 5% Tolerance, ½ Watt
Xicom Polystyrene Film Capacitors 5% Tolerance, 50V
Vishay Sprague “Orange Drop” Polyester Capacitors 10% Tolerance, 100V
Mylar Film Capacitors 5% Tolerance, 100V
Nichicon Muse KZ Series top Audio Grade Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 20% Tolerance, 50V
Copper Stripboard with Point to Point Soldering Wiring Connections
Qualitek Silver Rosin Core Solder
9V Carbon Zinc Battery Included

Look at all the switches !



Channel A : JCM800

Channel B: JCM900


Channel A : Mesa Stiletto Ace

Channel B: Mesa Lonestar


In collaboration with BJF Electronics

The model H is a Hiwatt in a box!!

The Model H is the beefiest BearFoot yet – sort of an amp like overdrive with dynamic distortion abilities. At its tamest it is Pete at Leeds, all about dynamics and handpressure dirt — and up from there it just gets richer and growlier and the whole range is useful. Pissed off HiWatt is the homage thats paid here. The first third of the H drive knob is were the actual Hiwatt feel flavor resides – past that is all gloriously grinding gravy ~~~ what if a Hiwatt went to 11 or 20 or ??? Can be safely run at 8 ~ 12v.

~~~Please Allow 2-4 weeks delivery ~~~