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Infinitphase MKII

The now-classic infinitphase MkII is born again. Imagine the chaste and intellectual marriage between a phase shifter and analog sequencer, and you’ll be imagining something like the infinitphase. However, the infinitphase gets a little twisted and goes far beyond any existing phaser or sequenced device to offer:
– extended LFO rate variable from .1Hz to 10Hz
– triangle / sawtooth / square / pulse / blended LFO shapes OR step-phased tones OR a blend of both for phased / filter sounds that are out of this world
– slew-rate limiting for step-phase control section producing classic sample-and-hold effects or meandering phase tones
– positive AND negative resonance adjustable via a single control
– an blend of wet and dry signals for subtle phase or outrageous vibrato
– dimensions: 20.5cm W x D x 6cm H (to top of knobs): 8″ W x 5.9″ D x 2.4″ H

The infinitphase’s audio section is based on a Mutron Biphase channel (extended to a maximum of 8 phase stages) and, along with the simple yet flexible control section, allows users to emulate traditional phase tones or explore never-before-heard filtering / phase / vibrato / S&H effects.