Fredric Effects Do The Weasel Stomp is a clone of the Systech Harmonic Energizer
I recently built a few straight Harmonic Energizer clones and was pleasantly surprised by the interest, both on ebay and guitar forums. This is my improved version. In addition to being a clone of the original Harmonic Energizer, it also features a switchable fuzz circuit, closely modelled on the 70s IC Muff Fuzz, and an expression pedal input. Do The Weasel Stomp! pedals feature brilliant custom artwork by Stacey Hine, professionally screenprinted onto powdercoated enclosures, for a lifetime of hard-wearing Weasel Stomping.

It’s an interesting oddball filter/harmonic expander type pedal favoured by Frank Zappa. Can be used as a treble or bass boost, and there’s a cocked wah setting. Very rare and obscure.

The expression input works with expression pedals with 50k pots, with 0-50k resistance from ring to tip. Expression pedals vary widely in specification, so I just picked one which is commonly available, cheap and rugged and went with it… So this pedal works best with the Behringer FCV100 expression/volume pedal.



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Introducing the MF-108M Cluster Flux.
The latest addition to our Moogerfooger family of effects

What is it?? It’s an analog BBD based chorus flanger w/ Tap Tempo modulation for guitar players, and extensive MIDI control for keyboardists, recording, etc. This new Moogerfooger takes the Chorus/Flanger to a completely new level, significantly expands the musician’s sonic palette; and is CV as well as MIDI controllable.

This will be a limited availability product. The MF-108M Cluster Flux uses BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) chips that were specifically designed for the short delay times associated with chorus / flanger type effects. But like all BBD devices (e.g. the MF-104 Analog Delay) the availability of this chip is very limited. We are constantly looking for more supply but as with the MF-104, the supply will be limited by chip availability.

We expect to begin shipping in late summer. Image is attached. We will be running an inside back-page ad in Guitar Player in the month of August. A PDF of the ad copy is attached.

· The Cluster Flux provides warm, great sounding analog chorus / flanger / vibrato effects. In addition, it has a much wider (and wilder) range of modulated delay line effects than traditional chorus / flangers due to the extended range of front panel controls, the multi-waveform LFO, and the extensive CV and MIDI control.
· The LFO has six waveforms. Use sine or triangle for classic chorus flanger effects. Check out the Sample and Hold, Square, Sawtooth, and Ramp for radical new sounds. There are no analog chorus / flangers that have a sample and hold capability
· In Flange mode, you adjust the delay time from approx. .6 to 10 milliseconds. In Chorus mode, from approx. 5 to 50 milliseconds.
· The Feedback control is continuously bi-polar for both non-inverted and inverted feedback for flanging with even or odd harmonics.
· The MF-108M has both input drive and output level control so you can use it from instrument to line level.
· Parameters are MIDI controllable and the MF-108M will ship with an application editor for managing the array of possibilities. Just one example of the many applications: Control the delay time with MIDI notes for “tuned” flanger comb-filter effects.
· There’s a Feedback Insert jack on the back for external processing of just the wet signal just after the BBD’s.
· The design includes high voltage MN3007 BBD’s for their superior headroom and excellent signal to noise ratio.

Our formal introduction will be on June 17th Our press release will come at that time. Feel free to contact your good customers for pre-orders. Date for your website is June 17th.Introducing the MF-108M Cluster Flux.
The latest addition to our Moogerfooger family of effects


Dr Freakenstein Fuzz

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From What thats dude play

David at Rainger FX has the Mk III version of his very unique Freakenstein Fuzz shipping out to select dealers. The new version of the pedal sports a foot switch and it lights up – the light showing input level on a VU meter that also throbs in time with the modulation speed. The builder describes the pedals sound as an ‘unsubtle Fuzz Factory having wild sex with a broken Q-Tron in a steam room.’ The first 20 of these appear to be heading for Macaris in London at price around £220 to £250.

The knifeswitch atop the pedal turns the power on – like plugging a lead into the input sockets of most other pedals. On throwing it, the orange control-illumination LEDs come on. The pedal is true bypass and incorporates a noise gate that allow for eerie silence in between the fits of chaos. According to the builder, the noise gate is part of how the distortion works – not a separate thing. The circuit is adapted from the John Hollis’ Crash Sync circuit, based on a 555 time chip.

The pedal also comes with an ‘assistant’… appropriately dubbed Igor. Igor is a postage stamp-sized pressure pad that plugs in via mini-jack to either tweak the OSC according to how hard you press, or to adjust the bias of the modulation range. On a fast modulation setting, this can give an effect reminiscent of a bubbling synth, sweeping down from high cutoff to low. Igor is like ‘aftertouch’ on a synth – but for guitarists. One Igor comes with each Dr Freakenstein.

320 design : Beautiful design !

Tonestack Looper and blender:

For Gilmour’s fans : Erafuzz Civil War, an ultimate MUFF machine!

4 Fairchild 2N5088 Silicon Transistors
4 1N914 Diodes
3PDT Push Button Footswitch / True-Bypass
Neutrik Input/Output Jacks
D/C Power Jack
5 NKK Toggle Switches / M Series – Miniature Toggles / Mechanical Life: 100,000 Operations Minimum, high sound performance
1790NS Aluminum Pedal Enclosure / 5.70” x 4.70” x 1.50”D
Aluminum Preventive Primer
Gloss Hammered Blue Paint
Civil War front vinyl face
Super Gloss Clear Coat
3 Eagle-Plastic-Devices Control Knobs, / Sustain, Tone, and Volume
3 Alpha Potentiometer / Rotational Life: 15,000 cycles
Vishay Sfernice Trimpots / 2 Bias Controls
Alpha Wire – Solid Single Conductor 22 AWG / Jacket Material: PVC, 300V
Belden Shielded Cable – Jacket Material: PVC, Tinned Copper
Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistors 5% Tolerance, ½ Watt
Xicom Polystyrene Film Capacitors 5% Tolerance, 50V
Vishay Sprague “Orange Drop” Polyester Capacitors 10% Tolerance, 100V
Mylar Film Capacitors 5% Tolerance, 100V
Nichicon Muse KZ Series top Audio Grade Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 20% Tolerance, 50V
Copper Stripboard with Point to Point Soldering Wiring Connections
Qualitek Silver Rosin Core Solder
9V Carbon Zinc Battery Included

Look at all the switches !



Channel A : JCM800

Channel B: JCM900


Channel A : Mesa Stiletto Ace

Channel B: Mesa Lonestar


In collaboration with BJF Electronics

The model H is a Hiwatt in a box!!

The Model H is the beefiest BearFoot yet – sort of an amp like overdrive with dynamic distortion abilities. At its tamest it is Pete at Leeds, all about dynamics and handpressure dirt — and up from there it just gets richer and growlier and the whole range is useful. Pissed off HiWatt is the homage thats paid here. The first third of the H drive knob is were the actual Hiwatt feel flavor resides – past that is all gloriously grinding gravy ~~~ what if a Hiwatt went to 11 or 20 or ??? Can be safely run at 8 ~ 12v.

~~~Please Allow 2-4 weeks delivery ~~~

He contacted us to know if we’re interested to post his demos…and the answer is YES!



I am the proud owner of this beauty:


How does it sounds ?

In a musical production: