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Patchable Guitar/Synth Pedal


It’s an analog synthesizer controlled by a sensofoil ribbon controller


Tourette pedal
Taking orders

Here is my hand made Tourettes pedal, so called because you just don’t quite know what’s going to come out the other end. The best way to describe it is Weird/Fuzz/Octave/Noise/Randomizer.

The output sound is determined by the level and frequency of the input, so rolling off the guitar’s volume or tone control changes the way the pedal processes the sound.

The lower the note, the more synth like tone. Bass guitar works particularly well. The higher notes generate either arpeggiated runs based on the original note or octave overtones.

Tourettes is a low current consuming battery powered stomp box with 1 output level control, an input connection on the right, and output connection on the left, and a heavy duty bypass switch.


Montreal Assembly.

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Noise Pedals
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Small pedal builder based in Montreal , he makes some awesome pedals that sounds like nothing on the “regular” market.

Link to his blog :

  • Wrong side of Uranus :

(Just ordered one)

  • Probability of a fax machine :

Be sure to check it out , Scott is a top notch guy !