VOCU Magic Blend Room

Posted: April 23, 2011 in News
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Room BLEND Magic VOCU blend is a box that assists a variety of additional features Two parallel effects loop. You can compensate for a basic sound unit with only guitar and bass, you can assist the system to effect a buffer for switching and benefits, can also be blended to create entirely new effects of multiple effects.

The main control
Send A / B: low / high cut filter with a parallel output
Return A / B: mixer input with level control
Loop A / B Level: mixer input gain can be Reberubusuto
Low Cut: Send A low-cut filter to the frequency control signal output to
High Cut: Send B to the high cut filter frequency control signal output to
Hi-Cut/Lo-Cut: each cut-off filter
Dry: Dry signal on and off
Mute FS: Mute switch on and off the loop specification
Latch FS: Mute FS jack off foot expansion to the other loop
Mute: on-off loop
Mute LED: Loop A is blue on you, Loop B has red on you, you turn purple lights in both
True Bypass: Master Hardware Bypass 




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