Smallsound/Bigsound : fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz&noise.

Posted: March 18, 2011 in News

Small US pedal builder actually well known on Ilovefuzz who makes some really nice looking AND sounding pedals.
2 words to describe his build : Noise and fun.

Be sure to check out his new website :

  • Year 4545 :

inspired by zager & evans’ 1969 smash hit, “in the year 2525″which suggests that future humans will have little use for their 5 senses, the year 4545 throws caution to the wind and indulges in some celebratory aural abuse.

a transistor amplifier stage boosts and fuzzes up your signal, which then gets sent through a pair of unstable oscillators bent on massaging your tone into oblivion.

simple, yet highly interactive controls create a mess of different sounds, including: fuzz, filter, octaves, ring modulation, 8-bit effects, random pitch shifting/jumping, triggered envelope-type effects, harmonic resonances , hisses, crackles, squeals and general cacophony…

some important notes:
_we tune each year4545 by ear so that they are as consistent as possible, but due to the experimental nature of the circuit, each pedal will be unique.
__the stock year4545 cuts some bass from the signal; for use with bass/baritone guitars and keyboards, the clean blend mod is recommended.
___the year4545 has a great deal of high end treble content; for use with a particularly bright amp, the hi-cut mod is recommended.

  • Fuck overdrive :

fuck overdrive. that’s how we at smallsound/bigsound used to feel and exactly the reason why we built this pedal.

a low to high gain jfet overdrive is at the core of this warm-voiced overdrive with a range spanning clean boost to gritty drive to beefy fuzz. as if that weren’t enough, a dynamically modulated “sag” feature was implemented to get you closer to that blown tube sound without actually ruining your amp.

an extremely unique effect unlike any other, but similar in some ways to overdriven tape, overblown compression or overloaded tubes. turn up the threshold and the harder you play, the more the overdrive crackles, tries to keep up… and fails miserably.

at smallsound/bigsound, we have changed our minds about overdrive.
fuck yes.

(Actually getting one of those in the mail ! can’t wait to try it)

  • Team awesome fuzz machine !

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. fuzzy wuzzy had no hair. fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t really fuzzy, was he?


the team awesome! fuzzmachine (tafm) was designed for bassists who are tired of losing their balls when they turn on a distortion pedal, guitarists who want to keep their attack but have an over-saturated fuzz and pretty much anyone else who wants to sound bad-ass.

the thick, gnarly fuzz is perfectly complimented by a dark and gritty clean blend which retains all the low end you’d need… plus more. rough overdrive, howling feedback, clean boost with fuzzy sparkles and everything in between; the team awesome! fuzzmachine can generate it all.

you’re either on team awesome… or you’re not.

  • Moutain range (coming soon !)

still in the prototype phase, but getting close to production…

for the technically minded, the mountain range is a hybrid design utilizing mosfet, jfet and bjt transistors.

a simple, yet extremely effective clean boost/low gain overdrive suitable for bassists or guitarists who need to thicken up a puny guitar tone. the goal is to bring a nice amount of low end heaviness and crisp high sparkle with the option to dial in not only gain, but also more or less compression/clipping, depending on the application.

we’ve had one go out so far and the user was extremely pleased, but we’re still tweaking the design slightly to get more out of the circuit…



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