Disco Freq Review : Weeks 1 to 20

Posted: March 15, 2011 in News
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La sélection de Cold de guitariste.com, Merci à lui !

from http://www.effectsdatabase.com/

Imagine Overdrive

Torch Manufacturing’s : the Vintage Radio Simulator, a lo-fi effect with switchable damaged speaker effect and boost/overdrive feature.

Paul Trombetta Design

Sepukku FX (Distribued by our partner Crush The Button)


Some awesome big muff’s from Stomp Under Foot

Small company with a fantastic looking overdrive pedal

4 pedals from Dvk Tech : The Mrs (boost+comp) , Goldtop (fuzz+vibe), Silvertop (overdrive+vibe), Hairy ball (overdrive+boost)

Spaceman Effects

Our favorite from the moment : some kind of Orange Tube preamp in a box , yes it’s expensive but sounds and looks AMAZING.

Be sure to check the video on the website

Innovating Bit Crusher from Frisco Audio

For our pinup’s fan

Cheap well known clone (Booster , mesa preamp…)


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